About us

My name is Lenka Kobrle and I've fell in love with maltese many years ago. Two beautiful maltese joined our family in years 2008 and 2009 - Herbee and Guči, both from Zbenvak kennel, owned by our friend Zdena. Guči was very successfully shown (he earned championships in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, also C.I.B. and some more), Herbee is our playful pet.

As I was showing Guči, I was seeking the "just perfect" maltese bows but there were none on the market. I started to make my own bows in autumn 2009. At the shows I met many exhibitors demanding my bows so I started to make show bows for others at the end of the year 2009.

Since that year I have met more and more show people who just fell in love with my bows and soon my bows reached a huge success on the European trade and there came the need to choose a brand name for them. And here it is - a beginning of ELITE show bows - the bows that enhance the beauty of every dog.

Nowadays ELITE show bows are very well known all around the world, we have customers from America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia. 

I have also designed new shapes of maltese bows and set up a trend of fancy centres and decorated bow-tails.

You can contact me via email eliteshowbows@gmail.com or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

About ELITE show bows

ELITE show bows are top quality and carefully handcrafted dog bows from the finest quality ribbons, decorated mostly with Preciosa Maxima* /  Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. There are two clear latex bands (latex free bands upon request) on every bow. ELITE bows are super stiffened for their long life.

* Preciosa crystals are recognized by fashion industry professionals for their impeccable light dispersion and extreme durability, Preciosa Flatback Stones come in a rainbow of captivating colours and coatings. Chaton Rose MAXIMA can reflect up to 264 unique rays of light, the most of any competing stone on the market, making this the world’s most brilliant flatback. 

By request we make whatever colour combination you like and decorate the bow with material you wish.

Nowadays we prefer making double topknot bows that are highly demanded for the perfect shape we produce. But we also make single topknot bows that can be worn everywhere not just in the show rings.

ELITE bows are worn by dogs all around the world - the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Hungary, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, the USA, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, China, Ireland, Ukraine, South Korea, Malaysia, Denmark , Finland, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Malaysia, Island, New Zaeland, Hong Kong and other countries - see some of our customers at Dog & ELITE bows section. 

Our customers are not only show dogs but also pets that are loved and pampered by their owners.

ELITE show bows enhance the beauty of every dog.  

Maltese pairs (double topknot bows)

These bows are intended mostly for the show ring, but can be used for puppies or tiny dogs too. They are made from ribbons 9mm - 10 mm (3/8) wide. We can decorate due customers' request.

We offer the most favourite shapes of double topknot bows we created and that met with a huge success on the European trade. But we also offer the wider shape, maltese pairs with side flags, double loop maltese pairs (without flags), tiny double loop pairs, velvet pairs, tiny butterfly pairs, OOK pairs... 

Single topknot bows

These bows are bigger, they are made from 1,2 - 1,5 cm wide ribbon (1/2 - 5/8) and can be worn at many occations (not only show ring but also at home or any special occation). By request we´ll make a single topknot bow perfect just for you.

A standard size is 5/8 (1,5cm) wide ribbon. But we also have high demands for bows made from 1/2 (1,2cm) ribbon. These mini bows are suitable for puppies around 4 months of age.

Due to some requests we added a new size - tiny - suitable for puppies around 3 months or tiny elder puppies.

Yorkie / shih-tzu topknot bows

These bows are made for yorkshire terriers or shih-tzus. They are made from 2,5 cm wide ribbons. Most of the bows are one of a kind - absolutely unique. If a certain bow is sold, no one can get the same bow.

At the moment we do not make these bows due to lack of time.

Larger breeds pairs

Pairs designed specially for larger breeds than maltese or yorkshire terriers. Owners of larger breeds want to pamper their pets too so ELITE show bows decided to offer new pairs specially designed for them. They are made from 3/8 ribbon too but much wider than maltese pairs.

At the moment we do not make these bows due to lack of time.

Ring number holders - clips

We came out with an absolute novelty in the world. We offer ring number holders (clips) decorated with a bow matching your show dog's bow(s). We make the ring number holders - clips by request as we need to know bows the clip need to match.

Show leads

We offer kindness show leads specially designed for maltese. If you're interested for a specific colour, do not hesitate to ask us for availability. Most of our leads have a white neck piece that is so hard to find on the market.

At the moment we do not make the leads due to lack of time.

Fancy kindness show leads

My dream came true with fancy kindness show leads. They look gorgeous in the ring and are easy to hold (no need to quickly fold the end of the lead in your palm) and they hang down nicely around your neck when stacking your dog. Every lead is unique. If you're interested in a specific colour, do not hesitate to ask us for availability. 

At the moment we do not make the leads due to lack of time.

Maltese brooches / pendants

Brooches or pendants are carefully handcrafted for Elite show bows by our friend therefore every brooch / pendant is unique.

At the moment we do not make the brooches and pendants due to lack of time.

Maltese ring number clips

We produce original maltese ring number clips.

At the moment we do not make the maltese number clips due to lack of time.